The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

'Because , wherever your heart is thats where you'll find your treasure.'

Well's not just a book but a beautiful work of art and inspiration! As we grow up we usually dismiss some of our dreams as childhood fantasies.we forget about our actual goal and pusue careers which others expect us to, because thats what everybody does.Recognising personal legends, being able to talk to trees , making wind personal companion, connecting to the core of earth, no fears, listening to your heart, moving in your own way, direct contact with god and a feeling of oneness.yes, thats what Santiago does! Santiago's journey surely taught to believe you can do that and you are the only one who has the spirit inside! Reading alchemist brought me to the right path, the path which leads to my dreams.alchemist has crossed the boundary of books and has taken a life of its own , creating a movement across the world.It is truly a maktub for paulo coelho to  write this book and share it with the world!and above that it was a fabulous experiance reading the alchemist.